Tuesday, March 24, 2009

REPRINT: Lucinda Mason at the Supreme Court, Montpelier

By Maggie Neale

It has been my honor to be able to hang an exhibit of Lucinda Mason's paintings at Vermont Supreme Court. It is a grand space where large paintings can actually be seen; Lucinda's paintings deserve to be seen. She was only 32 when she died suddenly in March only 2 years ago. She had just completed her Superconducting Super Collider Suite and she had used up all her paints and perhaps all her energy. She died peacefully in her sleep, but too young.

Now with her paintings out to breathe again, I can feel her spirit still searching and being joyous too. These paintings are truly magical and wondrous. From her latest writings, she was asking herself questions, such as, "What does space look like inside the nucleus of an atom? Can one paint immeasurable space? Can one paint the essential makeup of energy?"

Because I was asked to take some photos of the installation, the true scale of these paintings shows up when men are lifting them. I was grateful for the assistance of Torin, Darrell, David, and Tracy to hang this show and for the faith of Ticona, Lucinda's mother, that we could honorably bring Lucinda's paintings out for show.

The reception is this Thursday, 5-7 and the show will continue through May 1. It is worth seeing again and again.