Wednesday, March 4, 2009

INTERVIEW: Tari Swenson on Dick Gordon's "The Story"

Tari Swenson, calligrapher, painter and co-owner of the West Branch Gallery in Stowe will be the subject of Dick Gordon's "The Story" on VPR Thursday at 1 PM.

Here's the gist of her story ....

"I did this piece in 1973 when trying to teach myself Asian brush calligraphy. I did many of them and hated them all and put them in the attic. Twenty years went by. One January day the house burned down ...all was lost.
In the in the spring - still devastated - I went over to try and start cleaning up. There in a square of green grass surrounded by snow I found this piece of mine that survived the fire. I called it "The Main Thing." The calligraphy is of a quote of Robert Henri from "The Art Spirit":

"The main thing is to feel emotion, to love, to hope, to quiver, to live."

If you miss the radio program, Tari's story will be available here: