Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Jim Thompson at Townsend Gallery at Black Cap Coffee in Stowe

Townsend Gallery at Black Cap Coffee proudly presents painted kites by Jim Thompson from May 1- May 31, 2012. His reception is being held on Friday May 4th from 3-5 pm at 144 Main St in Stowe.

Jim Thompson’s unique kites are a wonder to see: a menagerie of beasts and birds and an occasional human. These are traditional diamond-shaped kites constructed of brown craft paper on a frame of wooden dowels and fish line. On each Jim uses acrylics to paint a face with eyes staring directly at the viewer, so when in the gallery you have the sense that it is you and not them who is being viewed.

Some gaze at you with curiosity, some with pleasure, some with caution, and some seem to stare in judgment. These kites are designed to fly, but few owners dare to take them outside. Those who do fly them report that they take on an even stronger personality when the wind breathes life into them.

Jim Thompson is an educator, musician and artist who has lived most of his life in Montpelier, Vermont. Although he made a few kites in the early 70’s, it wasn’t until March of 2011 that he took up the craft in earnest after a neck injury left him out of work and unable to perform music. Since then he and his kites have been featured in many galleries, publications, on radio, and on WCAX TV’s “Made in Vermont” segment.

For more information please contact 802-279-4239