Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Elizabeth DesLauriers at Green Bean Visual Art Gallery @ Capitol Grounds, Montpelier, VT

Artist: Elizabeth DesLauriers

Exhibit Title: "Random Bits of Nature”
Dates of Exhibit: July 29th  – August 31st, 2012
Reception: No Reception
Location: Green Bean Visual Art Gallery @ Capitol Grounds, Montpelier, VT 
For more information visit:  'Fans of Green Bean Visual Arts Gallery' on facebook

Elizabeth DesLauriers, a native Vermonter, discovered her muse in the beauty of nature.  Her interests in such things as the hairs on a sunflower, and seed pods led to her photography. 

 ‘Random Bits of Nature’ is an exhibit that gleans on the imperfect details found in the fabric of nature.  These details are captured thru a macro lens from an old Nikon FE2. Elizabeth’s work will be exhibited at the Green Bean Visual Art Gallery in Capitol Grounds through the month of August. 

For more information visit!/pages/Fans-of-Green-Bean-Visual-Arts-Gallery/176207625774864 or email

Images:Royall Lyme, Metal Flower