Wednesday, August 29, 2012

RANDOLPH: Caroline Tavelli-Abar exhibits new works at Korongo Gallery

Exhibit: August 31 through October 12, 2012
Opening: Friday August 31, 5 to 7pm

Korongo Gallery
18 Merchants Row, Randolph, VT

The show features Caroline Tavelli-Abar's sailing images, all new works done in watercolor on folded paper. Caroline's work covers a wide range from poetry to abstraction, landscapes to figurative, music drawings to still lives; her repertoire is as inspiring as it is varied.

Blue and Green Sails, watercolor on folded paper, framed 24 x 23 3/4"

Take Sail, watercolor on folded paper, framed 16 x 15 3/4"

Artist Statement: “These sailing images are about freedom, form, and taking sail. They are inspired in part by Origami. I had been folding Peace Cranes and I began wondering what the pattern was like on the inside of the crane. So one day I unfolded one of the cranes and found the folds created a beautiful abstract image. I wondered what it would be like to fold and paint and refold the cranes. Out of that experiment emerged this body of work, and during the process I was reminded of the Provincetown white line woodcuts of the 1920 where the paper was pushed so hard into the groves of the woodblock it became relief. Here the body of work was done between 2011 and 2012 by first gently creasing the medium weight paper in various diagonals. Once the drawing was completed in the raised lines, watercolor was used in various color patterns between the folds.”  - Caroline Tavelli-Abar

All images provided courtesy of Caroline Tavelli-Abar.