Saturday, August 18, 2012

ROCHESTER, VT: BigBike Show: RECEPTION Saturday, August 25

BigTown Gallery presents a 2D & 3D multi-media & multi-staged exhibition of sculpture, painting, printmaking & drawing in dedication to the bicycle & Green Mountain Bikes. There will be a video installation and a selection of vintage bikes and bamboo bicycles on loan to the exhibition.
Saturday, August 25, 4 -7 pm
BigTown BigBike Show
Through September 30, 2012

April Surgent, engraved glass, 14"x10"x2"
Taliah Lempert, screen print on paper, 15"x22"

Jennifer Davis, acrylic & graphite on panel, 16"x12"

Virginia Beahan, chromogenic print, 20"x24"
The exhibit will feature the following artists and organizations:

Virgina Beahan, Photography / Varujan Boghosian, Sculpture /
Stefan Bumbeck, Video &Painting / Jennifer Davis, Painting /
Leslie Fry, Drawing / Marcy Hermansader, Drawing /
Daniel Ladd, Sculpture / Emma Powell, Photography /
Studio Tractor & Peter Kirkiles, Sculpture / Nancy Taplin, Paintng /

Deborah Bohnert, Photography& Painting / Felix De La Concha, Painting /
Anda Dubinskis, Painting / Bunny Harvey, Painting / Zak Hinderyckx, Bike Builder /
 Edward Koren, Prints / Taliah Lempert, Painting / Charles Spurrier, Painting /
April Surgent, Glass / Fulvio Testa, Sculpture

Green Mountain Bikes 25th Anniversary Weekend Celebration 

August 24-26, 2012
See Web site for various activities and more information

BigTown Gallery
99 North Main Street
Rochester, VT 05767