Sunday, June 24, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Carol Lippman at Two Rivers Printmaking Studio in White River Junction

The July exhibition at Two Rivers Printmaking Studio is Trail Markers and Seasonal Signs: New Prints by Carol Lippman.

There will be an opening reception with refreshments and live music on July 6, from 6 - 8pm at Two Rivers Printmaking Studio in the Tip Top Media Building at 85 North Main St, in White River Junction.

Carol is a printmaker who divides her time between New York and Vermont. Carol writes that she loves "the outdoors: the lines, the colors, the smells, even the detritus of those who have traveled before me. Walking and ordering the landscape, mapping the surface, photographing the flora, smelling and feeling the air--allows my mind to shift from the three-dimensional to the two-dimensional representation of the world of my walks. My hikes are enriched by the presence of my dog and the myriad misadventures he gets into along the way.

My recent work involves the development of a personal language that uses mapping and unique marks and symbols to record our trips along the trails. Changes--seasonal, weather-related, or man-made--get translated into my own language. I invite the viewer to join me and my dog in the evolving pictorial adventure, as well as the hikes and share our discoveries."

Image: Structure IV