Thursday, June 21, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Henry Erickson’s Ink Drawings at Festival Gallery in Waitsfield

The Festival Gallery in Waitsfield, Vermont presents Connections: Works in Ink, a show of the photography and ink drawings of Henry Erickson. The exhibit opens Saturday, June 22nd and runs through July 29th at the Festival Gallery.

His images of stark trees or mist-covered mountains conjure up ancient Japanese drawings.  They complement his landscape photography by drawing you in and evoking a sense of place that reveals the beauty and simplicity of our world.   “My ink drawings and photos are meant to point to the unseen web of connections to the world around us,” states Waitsfield resident, Henry Erickson.

Carp (at left) in particular stands out.  Set on a clean white background and with both light and strong brush strokes, the fish stares at you as it jumps through the air. Erickson became interested in pursuing this style of drawing as an extension of his Buddhist practice, which calls him to produce art.  He has furthered his studies through a number of brush-painting workshops and studying in Middlebury.  His yearning for connection with the world around him led from photography to ink drawings as an expression of his spiritual journey.

The Festival Gallery is located at #2 Village Square, next to the Tempest Book Store.