Thursday, June 21, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Josh Stockwell and Corey Armpriester at Inferno in Brattleboro

Location- The Inferno, 19 Elliot Street  Brattleboro VT.
Opening- July 6, 5-11PM
Artists will be in attendance

Inferno is pleased to announce a two-man exhibition,  The Other Psychology, by artists Josh Stockwell and Corey Armpriester. The exhibition celebrates a dark psychology not often put under society's microscope, with artists aesthetically illustrating (via photography and pen & ink drawings) the shadows that sneak around one's subconscious, bringing into the light two mysterious and dark visions.

Josh Stockwell's pen and ink drawings are both expressive and surreal imagined mindscapes filled with reflective metaphysical visual metaphors. Corey Armpriester's photographs explore the masked figure in society, the faceless portrait. Armpriester's photographs capture  mood within a dark light. Both artists are in dialogue and agreement about the often-ignored shadow self, asserting that facing your demons in order to cast them out or to embrace them is an essential ingredient for a well adjusted life.  The Other Psychology is an exhibition by two artists exercising their demons.

Images: Drawing by Josh Stockwell; Door #13 by Corey Armpriester