Thursday, June 21, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: EMFTM at Winooski Welcome Center

On Saturday, June 23 at 3pm Katie Green, Director of the non-profit organization En Masse for the Masses (EMFTM), will be at the Winooski Welcome Center, hosting an informal information session about EMFTM and the collaborative drawing/painting initiatives that they facilitate in partnership with schools and communities across Quebec.  She will give a brief presentation and then there will be plenty of time for questions, discussions and introductions.

En Masse For The Masses (EMFTM) is the pedagogical branch of the EN MASSE collaborative drawing project. Led by a team of art educators and professionals, our goal is to foster collaboration and artistic expression in youth by bringing them in direct contact with highly talented emerging artists.

Students are given the opportunity to work collaboratively on large-scale productions guided by artists who have taken on a mentorship role. A hands-on approach allows these artists to empower, inspire, and pass-on knowledge to students who, in turn, develop a sense of ownership, pride, and ambition for their own personal practice.