Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Press Release: EXPOSED 2012 exhibition at Helen Day Art Cnt. Stowe

Exposed 2012 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition

presented by Stephen & Petra Levin and Helen Day Art Center
July 13, 2012 – October 13, 2012

Helen Day Art Center proudly presents the 21st year of Exposed. This outdoor sculpture exhibition features 15 artists and collaborations presenting over 30 sculptures and installations throughout the town of Stowe, Vermont. Opening Reception is July 13th at 5:00p.m. and Walkabout is July 13th at 6:00 p.m.
Local and international sculptors have installed work along Main Street, the Recreation Path, and on Helen Day Art Center’s property. Monica Herrera, from Mexico City, was chosen by this year’s jury and curator to be the featured artist. She spent two weeks in Stowe installing wind chimes throughout Stowe. She explains her piece, titled Bells:
For centuries bells have been located at the center of public culture, as markers of significance in funerals and weddings, calls to mass and to town hearings, calls to war, and warning about natural disasters. Their sound has had countless meanings across times and places, but their voice has always had the same power to connect people.
The remaining artists in the show are a mix between local (David Stromeyer*, Enosburg Falls), national (Anthony Heinz May, Oregon/NYC), and international (Leonidas Chalepas, Greece) to create a well balance survey of contemporary public sculpture.
Five local and national creative writers have written a collaborative poem, called a renga, under the direction of writer m. pinchuk (San Francisco). This poem is displayed on five storefront windows throughout the town and is thematically specific to summer and fall in Stowe.
Continuing the tradition of parallel events, Exposed will host five performances on Thursday evenings at 6p.m. at Helen Day Art Center. Throughout the duration of the exhibition these events will enliven the show and expose other forms of artwork. This year includes the popular soprano and guitar duet, Gretchen Farrar and Francisco Roldán; Polly Motley, choreographer and dancer; Yajet K.M., performance artist; and a collaborative improvisational dance and piano performance by Robert Grundstein (piano), Hanna Satterlee (dance), Joseph Schine (dance), Marly Spieser-Schneider (dance), and Lida Winfield (performance director). For more information see
Cellphone audio tours; QR codes; walkabout tours; a full color catalogue with images and descriptions; and a comprehensive map cohesively work to create a more accessible exhibition, engaging the anticipated 75,000 visitors.Curated by Rachel Moore

Images:Monica Herrera, Bells, 2012; Jiwan Singh, The Ark, 2012