Sunday, June 24, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Nicholas Heilig at Studio Place Arts (SPA) in Barre

Nicholas Heilig’s Exhibition, Live Art, on view at Studio Place Arts through July 8, is at once overwhelming and refined. Heilig, using a limited palette of black and white, depicts current political themes and events with the spare, direct detail of a Japanese woodcut and the power of street art. The result is a commanding group of drawings that more than fill the space in the second floor gallery.

The depictions range from oddly comforting figures like Tony the Tiger, Mr. Peanut, and Big Bird, all cheerfully dropping little black bombs, to the more sinister silhouettes of armed soldiers with the words “Make Sense not War” superimposed on their bodies. The politically charged subject matter, and the fact that the works were done to music as part of a live performance, makes the almost serene aspect of these paintings quite amazing.

Heilig, a native Vermont artist living in Burlington, is currently working as both an artist and as Backwood MC, combining visual art and music by performing his craft live. He says, "I'm the guy on the microphone keeping the crowd hyped/performing hip hop lyrics to whatever the DJ I'm working with fancies to play!" The works on display were created during various live music performances around Burlington.

In addition to the works on the walls, all done in acrylic, marker and ink on acid free foam board, Heilig has available small prints for the very reasonable price of $10 each and larger prints for $50 each.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take in this exhibit, along with the main gallery show (sc-EYE-nce – a science and visual art fusion) and the installation (Digital Topographies) by Karolina Kawiaka on the third floor. All three shows run through July 8.

Image: Heilig creates Live Art at SPA.  Photo Credit: Jack Rowell