Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stone Truck Project to be Unveiled in Maple Corner

Chris Miller funded a sculptural project called The Stone Truck through Kickstarter, and it’s due to be unveiled this Saturday June 23rd from 2-8pm in Maple Corner.  Chris says people are welcome –bring a bathing suit and a side dish if you like.

The intention of the project was to create a sculpture to be built roadside among the maples and the tall grass in the rural setting of Maple Corner, a small village in central Vermont, as if it had been abandoned there years ago. The site in Maple Corner is home to a vibrant arts community, neighborhood theater and dancehall, annual celebrations and tournaments, music festivals and an emerging sculpture park.

Miller says, “I’ve always been drawn to the relics of past industry, and every little town in Vermont is blessed with rusty old farm trucks, abandoned and overgrown right where they came to rest. In 1974, a college art class at Cornell created a stone VW randomly placed at the edge of some field. The professor believed that art should be found anywhere. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never been to see it and may never get to. But I am really glad that it is somewhere for folks to enjoy. This project is created in the same spirit.”